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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Lodge Pool
You may use the pool now any day but Monday's due to cleaning and chemicals. Remember, you must come to the bar and show Moose Card before entering pool area.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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The following member’s dues have expired. In our hectic lives it is easy to forget. Dues can be paid online at MooseInternational.org or at the Lodge. Several changes have occurred at the Lodge over the last few months such as a new cook, several new bartenders, and Social Quarters manager.
The RV Park electrical system was completely upgraded to 50 amps, a new walk-in cooler and new draft beer lines were installed, the poolside Tiki Bar is almost complete. We would love to have you back in our Lodge!
Lorn Allen on 9/30/15
Lee Krotzer on 9/30/15
Virgil Allison on 9/30/15
Lawrence Leroy on 9/30/15
Steven Benaski on 7/31/15
Lawrence Leroy on 9/30/15
Gary Bibb on 8/31/15
David Levesque on 5/31/15
Jesse Boggs on 6/30/15
Carl Meadows Jr. on 9/30/15
Richard Bonavia on 8/31/15
Bill Miller on 6/30/15
Keith Browning on 8/31/15
Donald Nevison on 8/31/15
David Burch on 7/31/15
Kier O'Neil on 6/30/15
Howie Byers on 6/30/15
Stacy Outlaw on 5/31/15
Joseph Califano Jr on 9/30/15
Stephen Powers on 9/30/15
Robert Cameron on 5/31/15
Brian Prangley on 5/31/15
Rick Carter on 5/31/15
Larry Raymer on 8/31/15
Jerry Cato on 9/30/15
Philip Rosfeld on 6/30/15
Samuel Clampitt on 8/31/15
Robert Saly on 9/30/15
James Cotton on 6/30/15
Paul Schneider on 9/30/15
John D'Annunzio on 8/31/15
Clark Schumacher on 9/30/15
Justin Dhaemers on 9/30/15
Jeffery Scott on 9/30/15
Robert Dorsey on 9/30/15
George Shalhoub on 5/31/15
John Dvoroznak on 9/30/15
Edward Shelton on 6/30/15
Victor Evans on 5/31/15
Tony Stamps on 6/30/15
Ralph Green on 8/31/15
Mark Teneyck on 6/30/15
James Hartley on 6/30/15
Don Tucker on 6/30/15
Dan Hempsall on 9/30/15
Ron Turner on 6/30/15
Burtran Herring on 5/31/15
Milton Wilkins on 6/30/15
Keith Himebaugh on 5/31/15
Roger Wilkinson on 6/30/15
Robert James on 7/31/15
Phil Worsham on 7/31/15
Daniel Jett on 6/30/15
Kely Wright on 7/31/15
Andrew Zoeller on 6/30/15
Clement John Van Nagle on 6/30/15

Rich Wood, Administrator,
Mandarin Moose Lodge No.42, 4450 Losco Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257
(904)268-5614/Cell (904)226-3674

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