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Saturday, April 2, 2016
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04/14 thru 04/17
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Everett C Goodwin, Moosehaven Resident
Understanding Moosehaven as one of the unsung fruits of our fraternity...
I have been a moose member for more than 30 years but like so many of us in this fraternity, I never truly knew what a gem we had until I came to live here.
Before I decided to apply to Moosehaven, I looked at many other options. I belong to other fraternal organizations that have retirement homes and none compared to what I would be getting at Moosehaven. I looked into a reverse mortgage and realized most banks and other institutions wanted at least a $50,000.00 window in their favor at the time of the mortgage. This means if you died the next day the bank was guaranteed $50,000.00 profit. If you died 5 years later and the value of your house had gone up another $20,000.00, that money would also belong to the bank even though you paid to maintain the home.
Yes, to fully understand what we have here at Moosehaven, our 5-star retirement community, you have to live here. In this modern era there are so many ways to apply to Moosehaven, such as to live in a Villa, an apartment or through the Traditional program. Stop by, visit and talk to any of us who live here, and see why we are truly blessed. We wouldn’t exchange our beloved Moosehaven for any other retirement community.
The burdens society puts on us and our families after retirement to Moose-haven are non-existent. The variety and quality of food for the amount of us who are served daily is superb; activities and shopping never stop; the hospitality from the lodges and associations in our area are above reproach and the health care available 24/7...not one of us could ever afford the out of pocket monies for. The best care ever.
Yes I’m retired and living at Moosehaven, one of the world’s best Crown Jewels with more amenities than I ever could afford and it all belongs to we who live here and you our members.
A big thanks and a tip of the Moose antlers to all our brothers and sisters out there who work so hard to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We all hope that someday you will come to Moosehaven and in your golden years be as blessed as we are.
Mandarin Lodge 42 is on a membership drive. Anyone who sponsors a new male member into the Lodge will receive $25.00 in Moose-bucks for each member that is accepted. Moose-bucks can be used to purchase food or drinks. Help grow our membership. This membership drive will continue until further notice. $1000.00 Life Memberships are available for only $500.00 but this program may end soon so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Rich Wood, Administrator,
Mandarin Moose Lodge No.42, 4450 Losco Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257
(904)268-5614/Cell (904)226-3674

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